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Devin Reeve: Actor - Producer - Writer 


Devin Reeve is a creative powerhouse, who has built a successful career within the entertainment industry by instituting hard work, integrity and innovative creativity.  As a proud member of the Producers Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild his past projects have received domestic and internationally distribution and have been seen on Showtime, Syfy, Netflix, HULU, Amazon, Chiller and VOD.

Reeve's passion for entertainment began at the young age of 10, when he was on a family trip visiting Universal Studios Hollywood. On that bright sunny day, destiny presented its self, when he was selected out of the crowd to play a young Buck Rodgers during the Buck Rodgers EFX Exhibit. After the experience was over dedicated his life to his craft and the art of storytelling. With his new found spark, Reeve's journey into entertainment abyss had begun.


Early in his career, he acted in local commercials and theatre productions around Atlanta. When he was 18 he landed his first production job that earned him the title of Associate Producer at, the Emmy Award winning, JPM Productions. Since his move to Los Angeles from Atlanta in 1998, he has worked in every aspect of the business from acting, editing, script writing, producing, line producing, UPM, stunts, fight coordinating and even spend time in some below the line departments to gain a better understanding of those jobs. He also spent three years at de Passe Jones Entertainment, working under the legendary Producer Suzanne de Passe and Madison Jones, as the Executive Director of DPJ’s Revenger Studios. 


In conclusion, Reeve has been mentored by some of LA's top acting coaches, P.G.A. Producers and W.G.A. Writers; including being endorsed by writer/director Billy Ray. Needless to say, his respectful, honest and  persistent attitude has paid off as his career is constantly growing. In addition to his entrepreneur endeavors, Reeve and his team have created (Entertainment Talent Exchange), which is the leading cast and crew job platform in Asia-Pacific.

Some Past Accomplishments Include:

- Co-Owner of Entalex

- S.A.G. Member 

- Producers Guild of America Member

- "The Illum'" Graphic Novel published by Antarctic Press 2020

- Chandler International Film Festival 2017 – SHERO - Winner Best Action Short Film

- NYC Indy Film Festival 2017 - SHERO - Winner Best Short Film

- Orlando Film Festival 2017 - Anabolic Life - Official Selection

- Burbank International Film Festival  2013 - Ladies Room - Nominated for Best New Media Film

- Official Sponsor and adviser for the New Media Film Festival

- IMDB: Devin Reeve Profile

- Entalex: Entalex Platform

- Official Twitter: @DevnReeve

- Official Instagram: @DevnReeve


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Shaun Paul Piccinino: Director - Writer


Shaun Paul Piccinino is an award winning Film and Television Director who currently has 4 Feature films streaming on Netflix. "A California Christmas" hit the tops of the charts at number one worldwide for over a week straight. Over the past 3 and half years Shaun has directed five feature films and two television series (directing on multiple episodes each series). He's also known for his extensive experience in action/stunts and visual effects. 


Earlier achievements include the Television series "Deadliest Warrior", directing and also portraying Scottish hero William Wallace, the "Call of Duty" Franchise, UFC Undisputed Franchise, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, Robot Chicken (editing and visual effects) and The Lackey (award winning feature film made for only $7,500).


Piccinino has been pursuing his passion of entertaining through the lens of a true fan of the movies. Since his move to Los Angeles from Northern California in 2001, he has worked in every aspect of the business from acting, editing, visual effects, script writing, producing, stunt coordinating, and of course directing.


His training began early in life on stage as he was classically trained by his father, Barry Piccinino a renouned drama professor and stage director in his own right. With a gift for creativity and a thirst to entertain others, Shaun has developed a solid reputation for creativity, honesty, and staying on budget. Shaun utilizes the time he has on set efficiently to achieve the best version of any project. 


Piccinino’s latest project set to release, “American Fighter” will hit theaters and VOD in March of 2021 care of Lionsgate & Grindstone.

IMDB: Shaun Paul Piccinino Profile

Official Twitter: @ShaunPiccinino

Official Instagram: @ShaunPiccinino

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