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Sable - Feature Film

Directed By - Michael Mateo Rossi

Post Production


A young women's dream of moving to Wyoming are halted when her boyfriend accidently kills a man and she is faced with a difficult propisition that could save them both.

Perception - Drama

Directed By - Landon Williams

Release - 2017


Adam Stenson battles his self-image issues by making and shooting

steroids and ends up losing everything, including himself

40's and Failing - TV Pilot

Directed By - Rene Ashton

Currently pitching


After 20 years of everything going her way, Annie Witmere faces failure in her marriage, parenting and career.

Cassidy Way - Feature - Thriller

Directed By - Harvey Lowry

Release - Feb 2016


When a film student and her two friends go to Kern County to

shoot a documentary, they stumble upon a mysterious family

and learn why Pandora's box should never have been opened.

SUPERzero - Short Film - Drama

Directed By: Landon Williams



A manically depressed costumed superhero panhandles his way

through life in Hollywood while the dark realities of success and

fame slowly encroach on his perception of reality. 

The Ladies Room - Short Film - Fantasy

Directed By: Mike Makara



*Burbank Film Festival Official Selection*


Faced with struggles in her life and difficult friendships, Tina finds

herself in a situation and a mysterious world that forces her to

discover the truth about life and the challenges she faces everyday.

Devil's Inside - T.V. Pilot - Action/Drama

Directed By: Thomas Whelan



Inner city boys Jonathan, Danny, Tony and Mike met in

Juvenile Hall.Twenty years later, their love and loyalty for

each other is as powerfulas the High Risk Behaviors (HRB)

they share and can't resist. Thoughbrotherhood provides

some emotional stability and happiness, it alsoconstantly

threatens their very existence because their addictions feed each other. Luckily, these guys have enough of a conscious to channel their addictions in Robin Hood like fashion.

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